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Alaska workers' comp laws exist to protect employees as well as employers. It's a system in which employers pay insurance carriers and workers injured on the job are eligible for payments for medical costs and loss of wages.


The Division of Workers’ Compensation is responsible for administering the Alaska Workers’ Compensation Act. The main office is in Juneau and there are regional offices in Anchorage and Fairbanks. This Division also helps to resolve disputes between employees and employers.

Alaska Employers Responsibilities

Employers in Alaska having one or more employees must maintain workers compensation insurance for their employees. Employers have the option to be approved to be self insured. There are a few exemptions including sole proprietorships, executives in a non-profit corporation, non-commercial cleaning workers, commercial fishers, and some part-time and transient help.

There are some situations in which employees are covered as employees of the state. These include members of state boards and commissions, volunteer emergency medical techs, students in work study programs and folks in the Alaska State Defense Force.

Generally, insurance is purchased from private insurance carriers. Another option for coverage is the Alaska Assigned Risk Pool which is administered by the NCCI. The cost of coverage is determined by the type of business, payroll and history of loss. The Division of Insurance can be reached at (907) 465-2515.

Highlight Points

  • Injured workers may see a physician of their choice. Employers may maintain a list of preferred providers but they also must inform employees that they have the right to choose a physician

  • There may be a 3 day waiting period for compensation benefits after an injury in the workplace

  • Benefit payments are set at an amount equal to a percentage of the workers average gross weekly wage prior to the accident. This amount is subject to a minimum as well as a maximum specified in state law

  • Alaska provides benefits for physical and vocational rehab

  • Injured workers are not required to have attorneys. If they decide to retain an attorney, fees are approved by the state worker's comp agency

Alaska Workmans Comp Forms

There are many forms that may be required as part of a workers comp claim. In Alaska, there are the "Claim for Benefits (Form 07-6106)", "Compensation Report (Form 07-6104B)", "Fishermen’s Fund, Claim Form (Form 07-6125)", "Fishermen’s Fund, Physician's Report (Form 07-6126)", "Physician's Report (Form 07-6102)", "Report of Occupational Injury and Illness (Form 07-6101)" and many more. These forms may be downloaded from the state website at: Alaska workers comp forms

In Alaska, Workers Compensation claims matters are handled by:

Division of Workers’ Compensation
P.O. Box 115512, Juneau AK 99811-5512
1111 W 8th St, Rm 305, Juneau AK 99801
Tel: (907) 465-2790

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