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Arkansas workers comp is administered by the Arkansas Workers' Compensation Commission. The main office is in Little Rock and there are branch offices in Fort Smith and Springdale. The program guarantees benefit payments to eligible workers and helps protect employers.

While the law is fairly comprehensive, there are a few cases that are exempt. Federal employees are covered under Federal law. Businesses having two or fewer employees may be exempt. Farm labor, domestic help, non-profit, religious,charitable or relief organizations are not subject to the Arkansas Workers' Compensation Law.

Coverage under the law is immediate on the first day on the job. There is no waiting period and no requirement to earn a certain level of income.

If you are injured at work you must report the incident to your supervisor as soon as possible. Your employer should then submit this information to its workers' comp insurance company and submit a "First Report of Injury or Illness".

This coverage will pay for treatment that is necessary because of an injury or illness obtained in the workplace. Your employer may choose the health care provider that will provide the treatments. If the physician states that you must not work for a certain period of time, workers' comp will provide partial coverage for your lost wages. Your medical expenses will also be covered as long as you see a doctor that is approved by your employer's insurance company. These doctors will bill the insurance companies directly. If you receive a bill and you are seeing an approved physician, send the bill to your employer's insurance company.

There is a seven day waiting period for benefit payments. Coverage begins on the eighth day of disability. If you are disabled for less than 14 days you will not receive payments for the first 7 days. If you are disabled for greater than 14 days, you will be paid for the first 7 days.

Items Covered Under Arkansas Workmans Compensation

  • Visits to approved medical physician
  • Required surgery
  • Necessary hospital care
  • Physical therapy
  • Prescription drugs
  • Crutches and braces
  • Other necessary medical supplies

Cash payments are provided for temporary total disability. The payment is calculated as 66 2/3% of the average weekly wage the worker earned prior to the incident. There is a maximum amount set in the state law. These wage loss payments are not taxed. If you have any questions about your payments, contact the adjuster for your employer's insurance carrier.

While employers are forbidden to discriminate against workers that file workers comp claims in Arkansas, they are also not required to hold job positions open for disabled workers.

There are numerous Workers Comp Forms and they vary in each U.S. State. From First Report of Injury (FROI) forms to Claimant's Confidential Information forms to Agreement for Settlement forms. Arkansas also has many forms for the workers comp process. They have a good list of these forms on the state website.

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Workers comp in Arkansas is administered by:

State of Arkansas Workers' Compensation Commission
324 Spring Street
P.O. Box 950
Little Rock, Arkansas 72203-0950
Telephone 1-501-682-3930 / 1-800-622-4472

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