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The Iowa workers comp commissioner is the head of the division of worker’s compensation, it is also part of the Iowa workforce development and holds responsibilities in enforcing, regulating, and administering the workers’ compensation laws in Iowa.

Insurance and Law Requirements

There is no state fund in Iowa. Employers are able to insure through a group of employers, self-insurance, or through private carriers. There is also no exemption for those employer having as small number of employees.

Injured Workers Coverage

Other than family members who are excluded, agricultural workers are covered if their employer’s cash wage payment totals during the previous year amounts to a sum of at least $2,500. Domestic employees are covered for an Iowa workers comp benefit if they worked about or in a private dwelling (not a regular household member) and their earnings are $1,500 or over at the time of the 12 consecutive months before the injury.

Medical care for injured employees is managed by the employer in Iowa. If the employee is not satisfied with the physician selected by the employer, the employee may discuss this with the employer and the insurance carrier and may request alternate options for treatment. In certain cases, if the employee feels the employers doctor's diagnosis is incorrect, the employee may be entitled to an exam by a doctor of their choice and at the expense of their employer.

Summary Points about Iowa Workmans Comp

  • Has a compulsory workers compensation
  • There are no numerical exceptions
  • The employer selects their choice of physician
  • The waiting period for Iowa workers comp benefits is 3 days after an injury
  • The compensation is retroactive if the disability continues for a period of 14 days from the date of injury
  • The attorney fees are allowed on an individual case basis

Temporary Total Disability Benefits

The percentage of a worker's wage that is paid is 80% of the workers spendable earnings. These minimum payments are provided weekly for a sum of $247 or the actual wage if it is less and the max. is $1,413.

Permanent Total Disability Benefits

80 percent of worker’s spendable earnings covers the percentages of paid wages. These minimum payments are provides weekly in a sum of $247 and the max. is $1,300.

Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

80 percent of the worker’s spendable earnings covers the percentages of paid wages. These minimum payments are provided weekly in the sum of $247 and the max. is $1,300.

Benefits is Cases of Disfigurement

Coverage from Iowa workers comp benefits are for disfigurement which are permanent facial and head and which impairs an individual from their earnings and usefulness

Details for workers comp in Iowa are defined in the Iowa Code chapters 85 through 87, 17A and chapter 876 of the Iowa Administrative Code.

In Iowa, Workers Compensation claims matters are handled by:

Division of Workers' Compensation
1000 East Grand Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa 50319-0209
Telephone: (515) 281-5387 or (800) JOB-IOWA

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