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North Carolina workers comp is administered by the North Carolina Industrial Commission in Raleigh, NC. The commission helps enforce the law in NC and processes over 60,000 claims per year. They can be reached at 800-688-8349 or 919-807-2501.

If you have been injured on the job in North Carolina, seek appropriate medical care. If the situation is urgent and critical, go to the emergency room, or, if less urgent, see if your employer has a specific designated health care provider. When you receive treatment, tell the doctor that the injury is due to a workplace accident and give them the name of your employer. This will allow the medical facility to handle the bill as a workers' compensation claim.

As soon as you are able to inform your supervisor, let them know that you have been injured and provide details of the incident and treatment you have received so far. This may be a verbal communication with your employer but you must also provide your employer with a written notice within 30 days of the incident. This notice does not need to be complicated. Simply list the date of the accident and describe the injury.

Common Questions Regarding Workmans' Compensation in North Carolina

  • Is my employer required to have coverage? - Employers with three or more employees are required to have coverage

  • What can I do if my employer does not have insurance? - If your employer has 3 or more employees, but no insurance, you should submit a Form 18 and Form 33 to the NCIC Fraud Section

  • When is an injured worker eligible for lost wage benefits? - The first 7 days of a disability period are not compensated unless the disability last longer than 21 days. The first benefit payment will not cover those days. If the disability continues for more than 21 days, payment will be made for the first 7 days.

  • How much is the lost wages benefit? - Payment for lost wages is set at 66 2/3% of your average gross weekly wage prior to the incident. The amount is capped at a maximum which in 2009 was $816 per week.

  • How long can injured workers receive lost wage benefits? - Injured employees may receive benefits for as long as they are unable to work

  • What if my employer refuse to acknowledge my claim? - If your claim is denied, you will receive a denial Form 61 which will provide the reason for denial. Workers may submit a Form 33 to request a hearing before the Industrial Commission

  • My doctor has said I can return to work but my employer does not have a job for me - If you have reached the medical improvement expected for your recovery and your employer does not have a suitable job for you, contact the N.C. Division of Vocational Rehabilitation for reemployment, counseling, and guidance.

While workers are not required to have attorneys during the claim process, the law and process can be complicated and it may be in the workers' best interest to have the assistance of a lawyer that is experienced with workers' compensation.

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Workers comp in North Carolina is administered by:

North Carolina Industrial Commission
4340 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-4340

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