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South Carolina Workers Comp is administered by the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission based in Columbia, SC. The system provides timely benefits for injured workers in the form of replacement wages and medical expense reimbursements. It minimizes lengthy court delays and costs and encourages employer safety programs and management. The Commission consults with the Governor, the General Assembly, and constituents of South Carolina in striving to improve the process and benefits.

Coverage for workers in SC is fairly comprehensive. Every worker is presumed to be covered with a few exceptions. Federal employees are not covered because they are covered under Federal law. Railroad and railway express employees are not covered nor are businesses with less than four employees, agricultural employees, and certain real estate salespersons. Workers are eligible for coverage from the first day on the job, there is no waiting period and no required income level.

If you have been injured on the job in SC, you should report the details of the incident to your supervisor immediately. Workers that delay informing their employer risk reductions to or loss of their benefits. Employers may not discriminate against workers that file workers compensation claims in South Carolina. They must not treat the worker in any negative way because they have filed a claim. Workers may not be fired soley based on the fact that they filed a claim.

Eligible employees may receive payments for lost wages and medical expenses. Payments for wages are calculated as 66 2/3% of the average gross income the employee earned prior to the incident. There is a maximum amount allowed based on the State's average weekly wage defined by the South Carolina Employment Security Commission. Benefits for total disability or death are limited to a period of 500 weeks.

SC Workers Comp FAQs

  • How do I file a claim? - You may notify your supervisor or employer of the incident, or, you may file the information directly (you still need to tell your employer). File a "Form 50" or "Form 52" with the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission. Get workers comp forms. There's a checkbox on the form to indicate you are filing a claim, not requesting a hearing.

  • What medical treatment is covered? - Benefits will cover treatment that is deemed necessary to improve your condition. This may include hospitalization costs, surgery, prescriptions and medical equipment such as crutches or braces.

  • Which doctor should I see? - In most cases, you will see a doctor chosen by your employer or empoyer's insurance company. You do have rights to see alternative doctors if you feel you are not receiving proper care.

  • What amount will I receive for lost wages? - Eligible employees receive compensation for lost wages at an amount calculated as 66 2/3% of the average gross weekly pay for the 4 quarters prior to the incident. This amount is limited to a maximum set each year by the South Carolina Employment Security Commission.

  • When would my benefits end? - When your doctor releases you for work your benefits will stop. Benefits will also end if you reach the maximum period, 500 weeks for some circumstances.

  • What if I don't like the doctor? - You have the right to discuss your doctor with your employer and employer's insurance company. You may also request a hearing to be able to see another doctor by submitting a "Form 50" to the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission.

Workman’s compensation in South Carolina is a benefit for employees but it can be a difficult process. While you have the right to represent yourself during the claims process, you may wish to have the assistance of an attorney.

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Workers comp in South Carolina is administered by:

South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission
1333 Main Street, Suite 500
Columbia, SC 29201

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